Thursday, 19 May 2016

Benadryl Allergy Relief Acrivastine 24 Capsules

Hay fever symptoms typically include a runny nose, sneezing and itchy eyes. Hay fever season in the UK can start in March if you are allergic to tree pollen and can last to September/October in case you are allergic any certain kind of weed pollens. However, there is no need to let this hay fever affect your life style, numerous tablets, eye drops and nasal sprays available for dealing with such issues.

Key Features

  • Best and highly opted non-drowsy solution for the cause
  • Oral capsules are composed of active ingredient Acrivastine
  • Capsules treats over irritating symptoms caused by allergies including sneezing, blocked nose and itchy eyes
  • Medicine is also known for relieving itchy rashes and hives

About the Product:
Medicine Benadryl Allergy Relief Capsules deals with irritating symptoms mainly caused by allergies including sneezing, blocked noses and itchy eyes. Powerful capsules composed out of active ingredient Acrivastine is one of the fastest allergy treatments. The capsules are non-drowsy medication that works within 15 minutes and provides relief for up to 8 hours.

Capsules does the job by blocking up histamine receptor that further prevents release of other allergic chemicals and boosts supply of blood to area to relieve allergies such as hay fever, itchy rashes and hives.

Dosage of the capsules is to be followed as: adults and children over 12 years should consume three capsules a day. The capsules do not make you feel drowsy. However, in case you come across any prolonged unknown reactions or side effects, stop consuming the medicine and consult doctor.

Capsules are composed of active and inactive ingredients. Main active ingredient in the capsule is Acrivastine 8mg. Other ingredients in capsule includes Lactose, Sodium Starch Gycollate, Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin and Colouring (E171)

Benadryl Allergy Relief Capsules helps you to keep hay fever at bay and does not let it affect your life style. Get this effective capsule in the pack of 24 capsules at best rates from online pharmacy now!

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