Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Piriton Syrup 150ml: Effective Antihistamine Syrup For Children

Piriton Syrup 150ml
You cannot cure your child’s allergy, but you can definitely help him/her feel better by using allergy medicine in the form of oral syrup. Children are more vulnerable to different kinds of allergies because of underdeveloped immune system. If your child is suffering from nasal allergy due to pollen, you can use Piriton Syrup 150ml medicine. However, make sure you seek medical help before using this medicine.

Allergies in children are quite common, as they have underdeveloped or weak immune system. When they encounter pollen, dust, pet dander or external pollutants, they suffer from post-nasal discharge, sneezing, sore and red eyes. This happens because the body releases a chemical known as histamine. Histamine is responsible for nasal inflammation and allergic symptoms.

Why Piriton Syrup 150ml?
Piriton Syrup is an antihistamine oral solution that is usually prescribed as the first line of allergy treatment in children. The active drug composition of this syrup is Chlorpheniramine Maleate. This medicinal drug blocks the secretion and effect of histamine to decrease inflammation and ultimately the signs and symptoms of allergy.

The dosage of this syrup greatly depends on the age of a child. Therefore, it is imperative to consult paediatrician for proper dosage and directions. Usually, this antihistamine syrup is contraindicated in children who are below 1 year of age. More importantly, use this syrup as directed by your doctor and for prescribed duration of length.

This particular oral solution can make your child sleepy and drowsy. If your child shows any signs of allergic reaction after dosage, immediately consult your doctor.

Piriton Syrup 150ml is clinically safe and effective in calming the symptoms of allergies. It helps your child feel better instantly. However, the medicine will not cure the allergy. You can easily get this antihistamine syrup from local or online pharmacy after consulting your physician.

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