Friday, 8 July 2016

Dietary Supplement Can Control Junk Food Desires

Are you a junk food lover? If yes, then there is some good news for you! Scientists in the UK opine that there is a remedial solution to reduce junk food desires. They have found an ingredient in food supplements that may help curb people’s desire for junk or unhealthy foods.

A medical research team analysed a supplement called inulin-propionate ester and found that it dramatically reduced the craving for junk food. In addition, it made the participants eat less in proportions. This is beneficial for people who are obese and suffer from canine hunger.

What is Inulin?

Inulin is a kind of dietary fibre that allows the production of good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. They produce a molecule called propionate, which is secreted when a person is satiated or stuffed. The gastric system sends signal to the brain that the person is full now. Few dietary supplements contain inulin-propionate ester that is responsible for encouraging gut bacteria to secrete 2.5 times more filling agent i.e. propionate.

The Study

Researchers selected around 20 participants to analyse the effect of inulin on the appetite. They were provided with milkshake that contained 10 grams of regular inulin and inulin-propionate ester. After feeding, they were shown pictures of low and high calorie-content foods such as salad, fish, chocolate and cake while they were put on MRI scanner. Experts were paying more attention to the centres of the brain that increase or decrease the food desire.
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The results were interesting; those who had this compound showed less activity in craving centres of the brain. Their desire for high calorie foods was less. They were less excited after seeing chocolate and cake. The finding helped researchers conclude that inulin-propionate ester helps reduce not only junk food craving but also high-calorie-food consumption.

This explains that people who consume dietary supplement rich in inulin (Seven Seas Multibionta Vitality) may shed extra pounds. Such supplement can decrease the junk food craving activities in the brain, thereby helping in losing weight. Scientists also explain that some people naturally secrete gut bacteria that help them stay slim.

The study was relatively small and experts recommend more studies in analysing the link between inulin and food cravings. However, many researchers are accepting the results and finding food supplements beneficial.

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