Friday, 29 July 2016

Internet Helps Improve Health and Well-being

An NHS (National Health Service) program to train people to use internet has helped in improving overall health and well-being. A study found that internet has helped people manage their health issues and feel more confident. It is found that 21% people made fewer visits to their doctor and 6% made fewer trips to causalities. This change is estimated to save a great amount of healthcare cost in just 12 months.

According to the NHS England, nearly 60% of learners have reported that they have started feeling more confident of using online portals to manage their health, while 65% feel more informed and 52% of them feel less isolated and depressed. Overall, 62% of people say they feel happier by social contact through internet.

Knowing more about diseases, symptoms, causes, treatments, medications and other healthcare solutions through internet can help people implement a more active role in managing their conditions effectively. However, currently, millions of people in the UK are not savvy with digital skills to use healthcare online portals. Most of them are elders and people with low-socio economic status.

The finding is also true for registered online pharmacies in the UK. Techno-savvy people can use online pharmacies to purchase prescription or OTC medicines without any physical exertion. In fact, many web pharmacies have started the prescription services that include NHS prescription services, private prescription and electronic prescription service (EPS). EPS is more convenient and reliable. There is no need to visit your doctor for a prescription to buy medicines. It is completely free.

Online consultation with your doctor through social media portals is another best way to manage your health concerns. Online healthcare portals also increase awareness, thus helping one prevent medical issues. In addition, it improves the ability to self-manage health problems.

Take care of your health by using reliable and informative healthcare websites!