Monday, 18 July 2016

Keep Your Bones Strong & Healthy

Keep Your Bones Strong and Healthy
Ageing is one of the reasons why your bones lose strength. Osteoporosis is a common bone condition, which is usually seen in elder people. That’s because they tend to lose bone mineral density as the age progresses. However, in recent times, there is plenty one can do to slow down or delay bone loss process and prevent osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis, in later life, increases the risk of fractures. The signs and symptom of osteoporosis are backache, multiple joint pains, generalised weakness and stopped posture. It usually aggravates at the age of 65. Post-menopausal women are the common victims of this bone condition, because of physiological or hormonal changes in the body. Experts explain that there are few things people (especially elders) can do to strengthen their bones, reduce the risk of falling and prevent fractures.

Stay active

Generally, our physical activity level goes down with ageing. You may not feel like doing exercise due to lack of energy and physical issues like painful joints and stiffness. Physical inactivity can make your bones and muscles lose strength, thereby increasing the risk of osteoporosis. By keeping yourself physically active, you greatly reduce the risk of bone loss. With mild to moderate physical activities such as walking and running, you can improve your body balance and bone health.

Eat Healthy

Many elders experience loss of appetite and eating less makes their body weak, as they do not get enough nutrients to keep their bone strong and healthy. Nutritionists always recommend elders to eat a well-balanced diet that include vegetables, fruits, dairy, proteins and carbs. Your bones and muscles need enough amounts of protein, calcium and vitamin D to function optimally. You can consider taking dietary supplement that contains calcium and vitamin D. You can get various Health & Nutrition supplements to prevent osteoporosis through

In the United Kingdom, each year nearly 300,000 elder people suffer from fractures majorly due to osteoporosis. It is essential to see your GP once you experience symptoms such as weakness, multiple joint pains with stiffness, backache and painful feet.

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