Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Common Triggering Factors Of Headache

Headaches are not only caused by stress, nasty colds or any underlying medical condition but also by sleeping late or cleaning the home. There are several factors responsible for triggering a headache, which one should know. Identifying and correcting the triggering factors can help manage headaches & migraine without any medical intervention.

Here are few common headache triggers –

Sleeping more
You often sleep more on weekends after a hectic week at office, because of which you rise with a pounding headache, so avoid sleeping more on weekends. Make sure you sleep eight hours every day. Excessive sleep during weekend alters your hormonal secretion, which causes release of certain brain chemicals, resulting in dilatation or constriction of the blood vessels.

Expressing anger
Anger causes tension headache. That’s because your muscles in the neck and back get tensed. When you get angry, just breathe slowly and deeply. Deep breathing helps in supressing your anger and tension headache.

Improper posture
Improper body posture can lead to headache and other pains and aches. So avoid standing or sitting in one position for a longer duration. Sit upright and provide support to your lower back. You can consult a physical therapist who can explain you about proper sitting and standing postures.

Bad weather
For many people, climatic changes can bring a severe headache. Grey skies, rising temperatures, high humidity and storms can trigger headache. Changing the weather is not in your hands; however, looking at the forecast and acting accordingly can help prevent headache. Taking OTC painkiller medicines helps.

Bright light
Glare or bright light induces cluster headaches or migraine in many people. Flickering of light activates certain neurotransmitters in the brain, causing migraine. In such cases, people should wear sunglasses or stay away from bright light.

Many people experience headache soon after inhaling certain perfumes or strong-smelling toiletries. This is because certain chemicals in the scents or perfumes trigger headache. Staying away from such aromatic stuffs is the best way to avert headache.
Other triggering factors are noise, certain foods, ice-creams and grinding teeth. One can get relief headaches & migraine by using OTC medicines. In severe cases, it is imperative to consult a GP.