Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Importance Of Ear Care

You ears are the essential parts of the body. You hear to learn, understand and interpret. There are a few illnesses associated with ears. Hear loss, excessive earwax and ear infections (otitis media) are common ear conditions, which need proper ear care. Knowing the importance of ear care will help you protect your hearing and efficacy of your hearing aids.

Ear infections, if left untreated, can lead to hearing troubles. Discharge from ear is not normal; it suggests some internal infection. There are few medicines responsible for causing hearing difficulties. Therefore, it is recommended to consult doctor right away to seek medical attention.

General Ear Care
  • If you experience excessive build-up of earwax, immediately see your medical advisor
  • Use earplugs or earmuffs if you work in a noisy environment; protect your ear from excessive noise
  • Use earplugs during swimming so that water doesn’t lodge in your ears
  • Utilise specialized filtered earplugs if you are flying in an airplane; they will equalize the air pressure
  • Treat your upper respiratory tract infection immediately to prevent ear infection     
  • If you notice any discharge or any unusual bumps in the external ear, consult your doctor
  • See your doctor if you accidentally injure your ears or experience sudden pain earache with hearing difficulties
  • Apply sunscreen to your ears if you are going outdoors in a sunny weather
  • Few painkiller medicines are known to affect your hearing, so talk to your doctor about the treatment you are undergoing  
  • Have regular check up with your medical advisor

Cleansing you ears with extra care is essential. Rinse the outer area of ear and gently wipe with a clean washcloth. Never use any external object to clean your ears, such as Q-tips, sharp pointed objects like bobby pins, etc. These objects can injure your eardrum or ear canal. It is always safe to speak to your doctor before self-cleansing. Simply put, ear care is essential to prevent ear issues.