Thursday, 1 September 2016

Importance Of Health and Nutrition Supplements

In the United Kingdom, majority of the adults take one or more food supplements. The popularity of health and nutrition supplements is rising gradually and progressively. Health and nutrition supplements, also known as dietary supplements, include essential vitamins, minerals, botanical herbs, amino acids, enzymes and other ingredients. They come in various forms such as conventional pills, capsules, powders, oral solutions and energy bars.

Some of the most popular dietary supplements include vitamins like D and E, minerals like iron and calcium, probiotics, fish oils and herbs like Echinacea or gingko. It is found that dietary supplements are beneficial for people who do not eat nutritious food. This can help them meet their daily requirements of essential vitamins and minerals.

Some health and nutritional supplements play a great role in maintaining optimal health. For instance, vitamin D and calcium supplements are helpful in keeping your bones and teeth strong. To prevent birth defects in babies, pregnant women can use supplements containing folic acid.
To use a dietary supplement safely –
  • ·         Inform your doctor about the supplement(s) beforehand
  • ·         Do not take more than prescribed dose than recommended
  • ·         Read all the instructions carefully about the supplement
  • ·         Tell your doctor about the supplement you are using before undergoing any medical procedure or surgery
  • ·         Check with your doctor if you experience any unwanted symptoms after taking a supplement

Some of the supplements need extensive study to determine their value. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does not determine the efficacy of dietary supplements prior to marketing. Many supplements are loaded with ingredients that can have powerful effect on your body. So, always be alert and seek medical advice before using any health and nutrition supplement.

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