Wednesday, 26 April 2017

A Guide To Buy Drugs Online UK

Buy Drugs Online UK

There are numerous illicit firms selling thousands of pounds worth of unlicensed and fake drugs online. Operation Pangea shut down nearly 18,000 fake websites that sold prescription medicines without a prescription.

In light of this news, Pharmacy Outlet, a UK’s registered online pharmacy, thought it would be useful to provide you some guidelines that can help you know the difference between online pharmacy and their fake counterparts.

Do not trust websites offering medicine without a prescription.

Prescription drugs need a prescription for a reason. It could be due to potency, potential side effects and risks of overdose. For instance, Pharmacy Outlet always requests patients to provide a prescription to buy prescription-only drugs. So, do not count on websites that do not ask you to provide a prescription to buy drugs online UK.

Do check for GPhC and MHRA accreditation

The selling of prescription medicine is strictly regulated in the UK. A website selling drugs online should have a valid MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) license. All legal online pharmacies must be regulated by the GPhC (General Pharmaceutical Council). The GPhC operates an online pharmacy logo scheme, so check out for its logo, which is a rectangular green cross with a unique registration number.

Do not trust websites where there is no one to speak to

When you want to buy drugs online UK, make sure the website contains a phone number or some internal message system so that you can contact the pharmacist, who can resolve your queries.

Do look for relevant information

Credible websites will contain high-quality, relevant information about the drugs used for medical conditions, while rogue websites predominantly focus on how easily obtainable their products are and how cheap they are.

Never trust a pharmacy without a UK address

Before you tend to buy drugs online UK, make sure you check the physical address of UK mentioned on the home page. Do not rely on websites that do not have a UK address.

Do not trust on sites that offer extremely cheap medicines

Stay away from online pharmacies that offer extremely cheap medications with discounts and claim miracle cures.

You should always be on a safer side by taking certain precautions when it comes to buying drugs online UK. Pharmacy Outlet is one of the UK’s online pharmacies you can rely on to buy drugs online.