Monday, 29 May 2017

Electronic Prescription Service Is A Better Option

Today, electronic prescription is promptly contributing to the extinction of the hand-written prescription. The doctor’s advised medicines are types into the computer and off they flow to the drugstore through the internet.

The National Health Service (NHS) introduced the Electronic Prescription service (EPS) for UK citizens only. The service reduces the need for visiting a GP to pick up paper prescriptions.

It is imperative that you choose the right place to send your prescription and collect your medicine. Choosing a pharmacy to get started with electronic prescription service is called Nomination. You can choose the most reliable and convenient pharmacy that is near to you.

The GP practice or chemist will record your nomination for you. It is flexible and you can change or cancel it after talking to your GP and pharmacist.

After nomination, your GP sends your prescription electronically to the pharmacy so that you can collect or receive your regular medications. Your prescription is safely sent by your GP using the NHS secure database, and will only be seen by your GP, pharmacy and NHS authorities.

Your nominated pharmacy will get the electronic prescription from your GP to dispense your medicines. The prescription is an electronic script; hence, there is no paper to lose.
Benefits of EPS to GPs:
  • can process prescriptions more proficiently
  • have good control of the prescription
  • spend less time resolving prescription queries
Benefits of EPS to pharmacists
  • can process single as well as repeat prescriptions easily
  • can send less time sorting paper prescriptions to send to the NHS
  • have improved control over the medicine stock
Benefits of EPS to patients
  • can get their prescriptions directly from chemist without visiting a GP
  • will not have a paper script to lose
  • no need to spend more time waiting in the pharmacy store

The Electronic Prescription Service is reliable, safe and confidential. Pharmacy Outlet offers EPS service only in England.

Click here to nominate Pharmacy Outlet and start using the electronic prescription service. Remember that you can use this service if you have a repeat prescription.
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