Monday, 5 June 2017

The Fundamentals of Repeat Prescription NHS

Repeat Prescription NHS Service

If you need regular medicine for managing chronic conditions, you can use repeat prescriptions NHS online service with less inconvenience.

Using a repeat prescription NHS service frees up the appointments and allows the best use of doctor’s time.

If you want to use the NHS Electronic Prescription Service, please check with your doctor and pharmacy that can offer repeat prescription NHS service.
Here are a few fundamentals of repeat prescription NHS service:
  • A repeat prescription means you can now get your regular or repeat medicine without visiting your doctor
  • You can make a request for a repeat prescription when you have about a week’s medicine supply left
  • Nominate the pharmacy to fulfil your prescription
  • Your doctor will send a prescription online to your nominated chemist, electronically 
  • It takes at least two full working days for processing a repeat prescription
  • The NHS will be able to review your repeat prescription regularly, may be every six months
  • The NHS authorities will also check where your prescriptions are delivered
  • Repeat prescriptions are usually supplied for two months
Never wait until you completely run out of your supply. It is essential that you request for a repeat prescription online when a week’s supply is left. This gives sufficient time for your pharmacist to prepare and deliver your medicine.

Pharmacy Outlet, a UK’s registered online pharmacy, offers repeat prescription NHS service to people in England. You can use the service to get your one-off and repeat prescriptions. However, you cannot use the service to order veterinary prescriptions or private prescriptions.

The advantage of using repeat prescription NHS service is that there is no need to seeing your GP surgery to collect your medicine script. On the contrary, your GP will send your repeat prescription electronically to Pharmacy Outlet, saving you time.

The service is free and you can receive your medicine without any extra charge. Plus, the repeat prescription NHS service saves the environment, as the process is completely paperless.

Nominate Pharmacy Outlet, create an account and complete the My Electronic Prescription form. Alternatively, you can call on 03333 222 400 to know how repeat prescription NHS service works.