Friday, 14 July 2017

NHS Electronic Prescription Service: Pharmacy Outlet

NHS Electronic Prescription Service

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is an NHS-initiated service in England. It offers you the chance to change how your GP practice sends your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.

What does the NHS Electronic Prescription Service mean to you?

If you collect your repeat prescriptions from your GP practice, you will not have to visit him just to collect your hand-written prescription. Instead, your GP practice will send your prescription electronically to the dispenser, saving you time.

You can select where to get your medicine from, as you it can be picked up from a pharmacy that is near to your home, or workplace. You need not require waiting for longer duration in the pharmacy store, as there will be more time for your pharmacist to prepare your repeat prescriptions.

Is EPS right for you?

The NHS Electronic Prescription Service is right for you if you have a stable condition and you –
  • want to avoid going to your GP surgery every time to pick up your repeat prescription
  • get your medicines from the same place at all times
  • already use the prescription collection service
The service is not advised if you:
  • do not get prescription very often
  • collect you medicines from different pharmacies
  • travel a lot away from home

How to use NHS Electronic Prescription Service

First and foremost, you need to choose the place where you want your GP practice to send prescriptions electronically. This is called “nomination”. You can nominate a pharmacy, a dispensing appliance contractor, or a dispensing GP practice.

Can I change or cancel my nomination?

Yes, you can change or cancel nomination at any time you want, but after speaking to your GP and pharmacist. Nomination is flexible and can be changed or cancelled. You must tell your GP and pharmacy before your prescription is due. If you fail to do so, your prescription might be sent to incorrect place.

You do not have to nominate on each occasion. If you do not wish to use the NHS Electronic Prescription Service, you can ask your GP practice to issue a paper prescription.