Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Go Paperless, Send Prescriptions Electronically

Send prescriptions electronically

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is one of the most beneficial services introduced by the NHS in the UK. It enables your GP practice to send prescriptions electronically to the pharmacy of your choice.

The NHS has deployed EPS through two important keys viz. Release 1 (R1) and Release 2 (R2). In R1, the barcoded paper prescription form is the legal prescription.

R2 supports the transmission of electronic or repeat prescriptions and the process of e-repeat dispensing (eRD). It also supports the pharmacy nomination of the patient, GP cancellation of repeat prescriptions, and the submission of reimbursement claims to the NHS pricing authority.

Currently, a GP practice can only send prescriptions electronically to the patient’s nominated pharmacy.

With the NHS Electronic Prescription Service, you no longer have to visit your GP practice just to collect your paper prescription. Go paperless; let your GP send prescriptions electronically to your favourite pharmacy. This will save you time and money.

If you would like to receive your repeat medications right to your door, get in touch with PharmacyOutlet, call 03333 222 400 and ask your pharmacist how to nominate and get started with the EPS.

The NHS Electronic or Repeat Prescription Service is the most useful service if you have repeat prescriptions. Remember that this service does not include private prescriptions and veterinary prescriptions.

It is estimated that all GP practices will start using the Electronic Prescription Service in the near future. It is always good to inform your doctor from where you would like to get your repeat medications.

What are the benefits of EPS?
  • Time saving – less trips to make to your GP practice
  • Hassle-free – reducing the waiting time in the pharmacy store and there is no need to go any where
  • Confidential – a GP practice will send prescriptions electronically, which is safe, reliable and confidential
  • Free delivery – most pharmacies, including PharmacyOutlet, provide free delivery, without charging you any extra fee
For more information about the NHS Electronic Prescription Service, call 03333 222 400 and speak to the pharmacist!