Wednesday, 17 August 2016

10 Tips On Good Foot Care

You put your whole body weight on your feet, so foot problems are common and can quickly cause discomfort. Foot issues can affect the way you walk and stand. In fact, foot problems can lead to pain in knee, hip and back. Medical surveys claim that nine out of 10 people experience foot problems and many of them have them frequently.

It is important to take care of your foot; it should not hurt you on a daily basis. Persistent foot problems are discomforting and painful. Many of them suffer from foot problems because of wrong footwear. You can take care of your feet simply by following the below-mentioned tips –

  1. Check your feet daily – Look for any cuts, blisters, cracks or red spots
  2. Wash your feet daily – Warm water soaking and drying with a soft towel helps
  3. Moisturise – Apply a thin layer of skin lotion and gently rub
  4. Treat corns and calluses – Use pumice stone or medicated products to get rid of corns and calluses
  5. Trim your toenails regularly – Use nail file or emery board after trimming
  6. Wear socks and shoes all the time – They provide protection against external influences
  7. Use foot accessories – Wear protective insoles and comfortably-fitting shoes
  8. Protect your feet from hot and cold – Use socks when it is too cold and shoes when it is too hot
  9. Let the blood flow freely – Try to keep your feet up while sitting, exercise and don’t smoke
  10. Check with your doctor and take care of diabetes – Diabetics should pay special attention when it comes foot care 

Foot care is essential, just like you take care of your whole body by eating healthy foods and exercising. If you experience any pain or discomfort for longer duration, make sure you consult a medical professional right away. Start taking care of your foot today!