Monday, 18 July 2016

Ageing & Vitality

Stay Healthy! Look Younger! Live Longer!

Ageing is a natural biological process that refers to the physiological changes in the body throughout the life span. It results into difference in anatomical and physiological functions between the youth and elders. As the age progresses, your bodily organs undergo atrophy and function less as compared to the time when you were young. You can say ageing is an inevitable process that one needs to go through.

Nevertheless, you can take some actions to improve your overall health and appearance so that you can increase your life expectancy. According to scientists, you can control nearly 70% of the factors that affect your longevity. The remaining 30% factors are controlled by your genetic disposition. Many effects of the ageing and ageing-related diseases are preventable and treatable to some extent. Early diagnosis and early treatment is the key.

Ageing is an intricate mechanism. The life expectancy in the year 1786 was 24 years. In the next hundred years, it has increased two-folded due to better diet and medical interventions. Considering the advanced medical interventions, it is opined that the life expectancy can be increased significantly.

The key to stay healthy and enhance longevity is to delay the age-related problems in your later life. The causative factors behind ageing are being understood. By preventing the causes, you can slow down the process of ageing.
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Anti-ageing Tips
  • Exercise Regularly – Exercise improves your overall blood circulation. This allows every organ of your body to receive adequate blood to function aptly.
  • Eat Right – Diet plays a great role in ageing. A well-balanced diet on a daily basis increases your longevity. Include fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, dairy, nuts, seeds and whole grains. Make sure you eat foods rich in powerful antioxidants.
  • Dietary Supplements – Many people do not get essential nutrients from food alone; they need an extra boost of dietary supplement. For instance, Sanatogen Vital Tablets contain important nutrients that can help slow down ageing. You can consult your GP to more about food supplements that can help delay ageing.
It is highly recommended that you be aware of the latest anti-ageing information so that you can improve your life expectancy. Time is indeed a useful essence.

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