Thursday, 28 July 2016

Calm Your Nasal Symptoms With Vicks Sinex Soother Nasal Spray 15ml

Allergies have become a common health issue all around the globe. If you go through the recent medical stats, almost every individual is prone to some or the other type of allergy. Whilst the most common health condition, there is no specific cure, but can be treated. You can calm down your allergic nasal symptoms with Vicks Sinex Soother Nasal Spray 15ml.

Your nose is one of the most susceptible organs to catch airborne allergens and trigger an allergic reaction. The mucus membranes of your nose accumulate allergens (like pollen, dust, airborne viruses, etc.) after minimal exposure. Eventually, this process evokes the mast cells to release histamine, an inflammatory substance. This is what causes nasal congestion, nasal obstruction and sneezing.

Looking for an effective solution to eliminate nasal symptoms? Vicks Sinex Soother Nasal Spray 15ml could provide the necessary assistance you require. This nasal spray contains Oxymetazoline that looks after clearing up your nasal congestion by reducing the inflammation. In addition, it contains Aloe Vera and Sorbitol to provide quick and soothing relief from nasal obstruction. The beneficial effect may last up to 8 hours.

This medicated spray is ideal for those who experience nasal symptoms due to common cold, sinus allergies and hayfever. It is contraindicated in children below 6 years of age. Instil 1 or 2 sprays in your nostril at least 2 to 3 times daily, only for 7 days or less. Do not use this decongestant for more than 7 days, as overdose increases the risk of recurrence. Seek medical help if you do not get better even after using the medicine for 7 consecutive days.

Vicks Sinex Soother Nasal Spray 15ml is an extremely effective decongestant, as it significantly reduces the symptoms like nasal congestion, post-nasal drip and sneezing. Ensure you utilise this medication after discussing with your medical practitioner. You can get this 15ml nasal spray through local or web pharmacy.