Thursday, 28 July 2016

Cycle Or Walk To Shed Pounds, Says Study

Want to shed those extra pounds? Just pedal the pounds away by cycling regularly! Yes, cycling is one of the best ways to lose weight, reports a UK’s study. People who cycled regularly had normal values of body mass index (BMI) and body fat percentage than people who didn’t. People who use cycle as a mode of transport to their work had normal BMI than people who travel by car.

Researchers said that this finding can help them to promote commuting by cycling or walking as a means to prevent and curb obesity. This is an added advantage to those who face difficulties in finding time to exercise. Using cycle to commute enhances physical activity.

The study was conducted by renowned researchers from the UK. They analysed the physical activity and body mass index of adults aged between 40 and 69. Their commuting modes were also taken into consideration, such as cycling, walking, using car or other modes of public transport, etc.

People who all commuting modes, expect car and public transport, showed normal values of BMI and body fat percentage. However, this is an observational study so it is difficult to prove the cause and effect. Weight loss is also associated with diet that was not considered in this study.

This study addresses the link between active commuting, obesity and healthier body-weight.  The finding supports researchers to encourage physical activity in order to prevent obesity in mid-life.
With hectic lifestyle, it is very difficult to spend time on exercise into the daily routine. So people can use an active mode of transport like cycling to enhance physical activity and curb obesity.

In addition to cycling or walking, you need to follow a healthy diet plan on a daily basis to maintain normal body weight. In many cases, people need an extra boost to shed extra pounds by the means of weight loss medicines. It is imperative to use any anti-obesity medicine after seeking proper medical advice.